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Sports related accidents can set back anyone, whether they’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete. Depending on its severity and the treatment used, the accident’s recovery can take a long time.

Individuals who sustain injuries often return to the field, the gym, the court, or wherever with diminished performance. Even though they did everything their primary care physician recommended, their performance is nothing like it was prior to their injury.

Oftentimes, this is because such weekend warriors and or professional athletes don’t seek treatment from an advanced sports medicine physician. That is why we are proud to have Dr. Michael Haghighi as one of our sports medicine experts.

Dr. Haghighi has years of experience in the field of sports medicine. Moreover, he’s even had the privilege of working in various professional sports leagues as a team physician. Needless to say, Dr. Haghighi knows a lot about Sports Medicine. This is why he was the perfect resource to help us describe what’s involved in sports medicine.


In the field of sports medicine, there are no common patients. Sports injury recovery is a unique road for each patient. Unlike pediatricians and obstetricians, whose patient demographics are fairly narrow, sports medicine physicians service just about everybody who moves.

This means, in a single week, a sports medicine physician may offer medical care to a number of different patients, who engage in varying physical activities.

On Monday, one of these physicians may help a professional athlete suffering from joint pain. On Wednesday, he or she may assist a weekend warrior who crashed their bicycle during a triathlon. On Friday, the very same physician may help a tennis player with acute tendinitis.

With such a diverse base of patients, these physicians see a wide variety of conditions. If there is a common detail among patients, it’s that they often sustain their injuries while being active.


When patients visit our sports medicine physicians, it’s usually because their mobility was impaired during some physically strenuous activity. But the precise injury can vary.

Dr. Haghighi acknowledges that in general there are frequent injuries, such as sprains, fractures, and chronic pain. However, he has yet to see one, “common” injury among all the patients he’s helped over the years.

“With so many different levels of athletes competing in such different sports, the injuries I personally treat are never the same,” says Dr. Haghighi.

To give an example, it’s not likely that a marathon runner would suffer from tennis elbow. Nor is it likely that a grandfather installing a new deck on his home would suffer from trigger finger.

Because they see tons of different conditions, sports medicine physicians must be prepared with different treatments.


With years of experience, our team fully understands that a unique patient base suffering from unique conditions deserve, predictably, unique treatment options.

But there still persists a misconception that these physicians will only provide a narrow form of treatment. It is one misconception with which Dr. Haghighi is very familiar.

“Many people,” says Dr. Haghighi, “wrongly assume that we only recommend getting major surgery or giving up their passions and/or livelihoods.”

This misconception about sports medicine couldn’t be further from the truth. These highly skilled physicians have an abundance of treatment options available to patients

Dr. Haghighi himself is an expert in the use of novel regenerative techniques for non healing bone, joint, muscle, tendon, and skin maladies. Moreover, he has also specialized in the nonsurgical, minimally invasive management of musculoskeletal injuries throughout his career in the field.

Sports Medicine is an expansive field with a wide variety of treatment options available. Our state of the art facilities allow our healthcare experts to perform critical work that helps the lives of our patients every day.


What you do after a sports related injury will directly influence your post injury performance. You should be confident that your recovery will inspire the best results and help you make a strong comeback.

By applying their knowledge, our advanced sports medicine team is more than capable of helping you through whatever injury you experience. In time, their work will help you return to jumping, dribbling, or doing whatever it is you love doing to stay active.

If you’ve suffered a sports related injury, schedule an appointment with one of our phenomenal sports medicine team members today.

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