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What is MCR Health?

MCR Health is a private, not-for-profit healthcare system providing Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Behavioral Health, Vision, Dental and many other medical services. Our locations include more than 40 healthcare centers, three mobile units, and 14 pharmacies.

What is the Mission of MCR Health?

To provide all patients including the underserved and uninsured access to quality primary care and preventive health education regardless of race, sex, disability, or economic status.

What is the Vision of MCR Health?

Deliver an exceptional experience to everyone, every time.

What are the Core Values of MCR Health?

Integrity: Act honestly, ethically, and honorably.

Service: Satisfy our patients and associates every time.

Excellence:  Strive to be the best in everything we do.

Leadership: Respect, inspire, develop, empower, and recognize.

Innovation: Initiate new ideas and foster cutting edge technology.

Community: Embrace diversity, act responsibly for our patients, associates, and communities.

What Services are Provided?

MCR Health provides multiple services. View list of services.

Is MCR Health the Community Health Clinic?

No. MCR Health is a privately-owned and operated non-profit medical facility.

Does MCR Health Have 'Free Clinics'?

No. MCR Health accepts patients with private and public insurance as well as those who are uninsured. Those without health coverage are charged on a sliding scale fee system. However, no one is ever turned away for an inability to pay and we will triage the patient. MCR employs their healthcare staff whereas free clinics are usually staffed by volunteer providers.

Should I Sign Up for the Patient Portal?

A patient portal is the centerpiece of any comprehensive patient centered program. It’s where patients can easily exchange messages with providers, access information, request appointments and more.

    • Our patient portal allows you to be more engaged with your health care when it’s convenient to you. With the patient portal, you can:
    • View test and lab results
    • Make payments online
    • Request or schedule appointments
    • Exchange secure messages with their care team
    • Request prescriptions and refills
Should I Check-in Online?

Yes. Checking in online will save you time, it’s convenient and your privacy is protected.

Save Time – By registering online, you’ll skip most of the paperwork that you would normally fill out in the office.

Convenience – Allows you to complete paperwork online at your convenience in the privacy of your home without the distraction of others.

Privacy – The information is stored securely and accessed only by your doctor’s office.

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