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National Health Center Week: MCR Health Cares

The American healthcare system suffers from a lot of problems. Many treatments and medications are extremely expensive, which makes it hard for vulnerable populations to access the care they need. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people face financial difficulties and even bankruptcy due to medical issues. The aim of national health center week is to raise awareness of this problem and find solutions.

MCR Health is one of the leading organizations offering low-cost medical treatments and providing care for disadvantaged people in Florida. Through various initiatives and charitable events, this healthcare provider is improving the standards of medicine in the Bradenton, FL area and beyond. Keep reading to find out about the ways MCR Health is contributing to fair and equitable healthcare access.

A Step Above The Rest

Organizations like MCR Health are working to improve the lives of all community members. At our 48 healthcare centers and 19 pharmacies, patients with or without health insurance can benefit from high-quality care. The ones who aren’t insured can access treatment at reduced prices, and they only pay as much as they can afford.

Every year, MCR Health organizes giveaways and events to raise awareness. The focus is often on pediatric healthcare since good habits start in childhood. Because there are so many different MCR departments, care can be coordinated. Thus, patients can get treatment for both mental and physical issues, and severe disease can often be stopped with preventative care. Everyone is treated equally at the centers, no matter their background.

Reduced Fees for the Uninsured 

It is estimated that over 9% of Americans don’t have a health insurance policy. They often find it hard to gain access to high-quality healthcare, especially if they don’t have the financial means to pay for treatments out-of-pocket. At MCR Health, everyone can get healthcare, no matter their insurance status. The centers serve people with private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and those who are currently uninsured.

For patients who don’t have an insurance policy, there is a sliding scale, so the fees are affordable. For example, a family of four with an income of under $27,750 simply pays $15 per office visit, and a similar family with an income of $27,751 – $36,907 pays 25% of their treatment bill. This sliding scale ensures that everyone pays a fair amount and has access to high-quality healthcare.

Walk-In Care

In many areas, it’s extremely difficult to get a doctor’s appointment. There are waiting lists, and many physicians no longer accept in-person patients. Thankfully in addition to many locations offering walk-in availability, MCR Health has two walk-in locations: the Community Care Family Clinic and the East Manatee Health And Wellness Center.

These centers are open from Monday to Friday, and they allow residents of Bradenton to see their doctor when needed instead of having to wait several days or weeks. As a result, everyone can get the care they need, and there is less chance of an illness spiraling out of control. In addition to regular pharmacy appointments, there are also dentistry appointments available.

Giveaways and Donations

Poverty is on the rise, and it’s important to act now. In July, MCR held a free Back to School Health Bash to encourage young people to take control of their health. In addition to free entrance to the Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, attendees could enjoy fun activities like games and face painting, free Well Child Exams, and immunizations. MCR also handed out 1,250 backpacks with school supplies.

Another ongoing project is Covid-19 community support. In February, MCR gave away 10,000 at-home Covid test kits and masks in an effort to help curb community spread of the disease. Individuals could drive through the centers and receive their kits. Offering this equipment for free allows everyone to protect themselves, no matter their economic background.

Treating Everyone Equally 

In 2022, healthcare inequality is still a big topic. Those from disadvantaged backgrounds have less access to high-quality medical care, and they are therefore more likely to suffer from severe diseases.

At MCR Health, every effort is made to treat patients equally, no matter where they are from, what gender they are, and what their economic background is. The aim is to offer the same standard of care to everyone. Some of the key methods of achieving this are the above-mentioned sliding payment scale, the strategic location of the centers, and the ongoing charity donations MCR makes.

Integrated Care

Too often, medical problems are treated as singular issues, isolated from the rest of the person. However, this isn’t usually accurate. Mental and physical health are interconnected, and it’s always better to look at the whole person than to simply focus on a single ailment. Patients who come to MCR Health are at an advantage because almost every issue can get treated at the centers, and the medical professionals work together to provide integrated care.

This means that a diagnosis is viewed in terms of the patient’s overall health. People don’t only receive medications that treat the symptoms of their illness, but they can also get counseling to help them deal with their health problems. What’s more, early testing and preventative care is offered, so conditions can often be caught before they develop into a serious issue. This reduces both the cost of healthcare and the negative effects ill health has on patients.

Starting Great Care as Early as Possible  

A big part of national health center week is raising awareness for the kinds of issues that are affecting the community. One particularly important problem is children’s health. Great care should start as early as possible, especially because the habits people form in their childhood can last them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, MCR Health offers excellent pediatric care at reasonable prices.

In 2020, the MCR healthcare system collaborated with Manatee County School District to open a school based health center, located at Manatee Elementary School. The goal of this new healthcare center is to make it easier for members of the community, especially children, to access the healthcare they need. That way, vulnerable students can get the same quality care as children from an affluent background, and many medical conditions can be prevented.

Getting Involved 

Organizations like MCR Health depend on community support. People who want to get involved should start by sharing information about the centers with family, friends, and anyone they think could benefit from them. What’s more, events and updates can be shared on social media, so a wider audience can be reached.

As part of national health center week, it’s important to celebrate the progress being made in the local community. In the past year, MCR Health has treated thousands of patients, given away millions of dollars’ worth of charity care, organized several community events, and made efforts to educate and treat children as early as possible. Get in touch with MCR Health to discover how our services can be accessed.

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