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In-Person Visit or Telehealth When Is One Better Than the Other?

In-person visits are required, for:

  • Your first time seeing a new doctor
  • Exams that need a hands-on approach, like feeling for
    a lump or listening to your lungs
  • Blood tests, X-rays, and other imaging scans

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Telehealth visits are good for:

  • Follow-up visits after you’ve already seen your doctor
  • An exam of easy-to-see areas, like your eyes or skin
  • Counseling and other mental health services
  • Prescription refills
  • Referrals
  • Monitoring chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma

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Telehealth has many benefits for patients and doctors because it reduces the number of visits needed and provides convenient care without the commute. Information shared is safe and private, and the process is easy.

While most Insurances cover telehealth visits, it’s always best to check before making an appointment.

Those who are new to telehealth will want to ensure they have a smartphone, tablet or PC with a working microphone, speakers and camera as well as a stable internet connection for a video visit. Be in a well-lit, quiet space with few distractions, and bring any current medications and as much information as possible to review and discuss conditions.

Skip the wait and see a doctor from the comfort of your home!

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