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We have a new technology from Modulim we have implemented in our office that is now available.  This revolutionary technology helps identify patients potentially at risk for foot ulcers and can guide preventative care

Clarifi® Imaging System

Modulim’s Clarifi Imaging System provides real-time microvascular assessment in the office.

It is the first noninvasive, wide field of view, non-contact microvascular assessment tool that provides quantitative measurement of hemoglobin oxygen and distribution with color images in seconds. This device can help by identifying areas of potential compromised circulation in the tissue. Tissue hypoxia due to compromised circulation occurs in the feet of patients at risk for foot ulceration, with existing ulcer(s), and those with peripheral arterial disease.

How does it work?

Clarifi uses a patented technology known as Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) to noninvasively measure oxygen delivery and extraction.  Using multiple wavelengths of light, Clarifi quantifies and maps oxygenation and distribution of hemoglobin in tissue.

What are the benefits to patients?

  • Noninvasive in-office quick assessment to determine if the patient is at risk for a diabetic foot ulcer
  • Early and targeted care
  • Visual guide to areas of risk that need monitoring

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