Nearly everyone who struggles with weight or obesity acknowledges that a healthy lifestyle is better than an unhealthy one. We know that exercising regularly benefits us. We also know that it is beneficial to eat healthy and to lose weight. But the specific benefits of a healthy lifestyle are often overlooked or left unexplained.

This gap in knowledge results in a lack of motivation for people attempting to improve themselves. For those who struggle with weight or obesity, this means a challenging journey towards health may not look like it’s even worth the effort. This misconception could not be further from the reality.

The genuine benefits of living healthy are precisely what makes the challenge of getting healthier so rewarding. The benefits alone should motivate people to change their lives for the better. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the life altering and lifesaving benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.


A major consequence of obesity is high (or elevated) blood pressure. This condition poses a serious threat to the lives of those who suffer from obesity.

“[For these individuals],” according to the Mayo Clinic, “as the amount of blood going through [their] blood vessels increases, so does the force on [their] artery walls.”

This, therefore, means that when people reduce weight gain (e.g. lose weight), they reduce the pressure on their artery walls, lowering their own blood pressure.

Along with mitigating the risk of high blood pressure through a healthy lifestyle, such individuals also mitigate the condition’s painful symptoms like severe headaches, shortness of breath, severe anxiety, and nosebleeds.


Arguably one of the most common consequences of obesity is Type 2 Diabetes. Between blurred vision, fatigue, and daily shots, this condition can be painful and exhausting.

However, for overweight and obese individuals who work towards healthier lifestyles, Type 2 Diabetes can actually be managed to a considerable degree.

A moderate diet of healthy foods, a commitment to regular physical activity, and a conscious effort towards stress management, according to Livestrong, “may be enough to keep blood sugar levels under control.”

With the implementation of healthy lifestyle choices, overweight and obese people can experience long-term benefits from these changes.


According to the National Institutes of Health, “Extreme obesity may shorten life expectancy up to 14 years.” Perhaps the greatest benefit that a healthy lifestyle can provide people suffering from obesity is time itself.

By making adjustments to their lifestyles and daily habits, individuals who suffer from obesity can choose to turn the clock back.

They can choose to give themselves more time, extending their own lives. More importantly, by making lifestyle changes, everyone around them receives the benefit of more time with a loved one.


Not only can improving health habits provide people with longer lives, it can also improve the quality of their lives.

For overweight or obese individuals, daily life and normal activities can be difficult and strenuous. But by improving oneself with diet and exercise, individuals can experience a boosted energy level, less joint pain, hormonal balance, and renewed confidence.

This radically different, more positive outlook on life improves mental health, opening a world of new possibilities and opportunities.


It’s not easy to live a healthy life when the alternative is regrettably more convenient. We’re bombarded with advertisements for harmful, processed foods. Moreover, it’s difficult to squeeze exercise between work, family, friends, commitments, personal time, and everything else in your busy schedule.

But the struggle is undeniably worth the effort. Exercise, weight loss, and a healthy, moderate diet (including fruits and vegetables) all improve the quality and quantity of your life for genuine, explicit reasons. Not only will a healthier lifestyle benefit you—it will also benefit your family, your friends, and everyone else in your life.

So maintain a healthy weight to avoid the risk of developing health problems. It’s one of the most important endeavors you could possibly undertake. But undertake this endeavor you must.

On behalf of everyone here at MCR Health, we encourage you eat healthy, exercise regularly, and take your health seriously.