3 Tips for Protecting your Pregnancy During Flu Season

Expecting mothers go through great lengths to keep their baby healthy and safe, before and after its birth – from avoiding that second cup of coffee and staying away from raw seafood to eating the right nutrients and keeping up with moderate exercise. When any portion of your pregnancy spans throughout the fall and winter seasons, you must be even more cautious to avoid a compromised immune system. Along with distancing yourself from others with the flu and avoiding large crowds, there are many other ways you can protect your pregnancy during flu season. Below, we discuss the top three tips for protecting you and your baby from catching the flu this season.

Get the Flu Shot: Protect Through Vaccination

This is one of the easiest ways to help protect yourself from catching the flu. Receiving a flu shot is safe to expectant mothers during any period of their pregnancy and is highly encouraged by physicians. To best support you and your baby’s health, opt to receive the traditional flu shot. This vaccine opportunity can protect you and your baby during pregnancy and also shortly after labor and delivery. The vaccination that courses through you will then pass on to your baby through the placenta and later through nursing, containing the same antibodies that protect your baby until their six-month vaccination. Just one doctor appointment to receive the flu shot can help protect you and your baby during the flu season.

Sanitize, Rinse, and Repeat: Protect Through Cleanliness

Germs spread quickly with the merriment of the holidays and school season in full swing. As your task list grows to include that final coat of paint on the nursery walls and pack your suitcase for the hospital, washing your hands and sanitizing household objects may be on the backburner. However, to avoid getting sick and to protect your pregnancy during this flu season, keep in mind to wash your hands as often as you can remember! Germs and other harmful bacteria quickly spread any time you encounter and touch a contaminated surface followed by touching your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing your hands immediately following contact with the bacteria. When you have the time, be sure to sanitize the countertops in your home to eliminate surface-born bacteria.

Supplement Your Immune System: Protect from the Inside Out

When we aren’t feeding our bodies the right nutrients, our immune system can more easily be compromised. As an expecting mother, you want to be sure to keep up with your necessary vitamins by maintaining a healthy intake of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy proteins that contain healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Your immune system will thank you!

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