What Should You Do If You Can’t Get a Doctor’s Appointment?

You’re having symptoms you’ve never had before, or maybe your symptoms are more severe than anything you’ve experienced in the past. This can be scary, so you quickly call your primary care physician. Sometimes, they can be so booked up that they can’t get you in the same day or even the next day. Don’t worry! There are still options to receive immediate care.

First Steps

When you try to schedule an office visit and find out that you can’t get a doctor’s appointment, ask if another doctor in the office has any availability that day. If they do, you can make an appointment so you can still receive care when you need it and in a trusted office that already has your information and records.

If your medical needs require certain care, see if your primary doctor can refer you to a specialist in their office who provides immediate care. This way you know that the doctor you are referred to will take great care of you and be as helpful as they can.

Talk to a Pharmacist

If you can’t get a doctor’s appointment, one option you have is to talk to a pharmacist. They are highly trained medical professionals, meaning that they can assess your symptoms. You can give your local pharmacy a call or even stop into the pharmacy to talk to them in person.

Walk-In Care

Walk-in clinics are the best option when your general doctor is not available because they allow you to do just that: walk in. You do not need an appointment, and you do not have to be a prior patient at that medical office. Walk-in care is typically the most realistic choice for non-life-threatening or minor issues.

Benefits of Walk-In Care

A trusted practice: When you go to a walk-in care facility that is part of your primary doctor’s office, you know that you can trust the care you are receiving. You can rest assured that all of the employees you come into contact with are putting you and your health first. If you find yourself needing walk-in care more than once, go to the same place so that you can keep building relationships with all of the medical professionals there.

Convenient: When you can’t get a doctor’s appointment, walk-in care clinics are quick and easy. You don’t need an appointment and they typically have longer or more hours compared to the regular offices. Wait times are often reduced because unlike a general office, where people are going in for wellness checks, follow-ups, or chronic-care, walk-in clinics are only for people who need immediate care and will be in and out.

Walk-In Care Near You

When looking for the best walk-in care, come and stop by MCR Health! When you can’t get a doctor’s appointment at one of our locations, you can still get checked out at one of our walk-in centers. With locations in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Arcadia, know that MCR Health is here for you!