The Importance of Scheduling an Annual Doctor’s Appointment

Many people don’t see the importance of regularly seeing a doctor. However, there is great value in seeing your doctor at least once a year. Annual visits allow your doctor to monitor both your physical and your mental health. If your doctor finds areas of concern, he or she can run tests and stop the issues before it gets worse. Here’s what you need to know about scheduling an annual appointment with your doctor.

What Happens at Annual Physical Exams?

First, your doctor will start with the basics. The basics include examining your general appearance, medical history, vital signs, and your heart and lungs. Next, the doctor will decide if you need more testing to see if there are any medical problems. If you have any questions before getting to the office, write them down and ask your provider so that they can answer these questions.

Why Are Annual Doctor’s Appointments Important?

Preventive Care

Many diseases are preventable, and an annual doctor’s appointment can help diagnose and monitor any illnesses. Preventative care in the doctor’s office occurs at different levels. Primary prevention includes immunizations and basic health monitoring. Secondary prevention looks at established risk factors for certain diseases and performs tests to identify possible concerns. The third level of prevention seeks to improve health after a diagnosis, which typically includes creating a treatment plan.

Other forms of preventive care can be done at home, such as exercising at least thirty minutes a day and eating more fruits and vegetables instead of high-fat or processed foods. Choosing not to smoke or drink alcohol will also help avoid several diseases. These preventative measures are excellent steps to take for your health between annual doctor’s appointments.

Identifying Risk Factors

Regular checkups can help find problems before they start. If you have a family history of certain diseases, it is good to see your doctor yearly to stay healthy. Although it may seem expensive to visit your doctor when you are not sick, preventing diseases or identifying them early on can help you save money in the future.

Major tests or scans might not be necessary every year, but basic checks for high blood pressure, cholesterol, or Type 2 Diabetes  are equally important. Immunizations and breast cancer mammographs are also crucial.

Establishing Relationships

Forming a good relationship with your doctor is also important. Regular visits allow you to create a plan for continued care. Having a strong relationship with your healthcare provider will make it easier to receive future care and treatment when needed. Annual appointments with your trusted doctor will help you live your healthiest life. These appointments will also help you understand what steps should be taken to prevent future risks.

Schedule Your Annual Doctor’s Appointment

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